Named for the Greek goddess of wisdom and strength, Athena® bottled water was created for the cause by a breast cancer survivor. The support and care she received during treatments and recovery inspired her to become part of the search for a cure. The belief that everyone can make a difference in the fight against breast cancer with a simple bottle of water continues through the efforts of everyone at DS Services of America, Inc.

Athena® Bottled Water

Created for the cause

At some point in our lives, breast cancer affects all of us. Perhaps you have a friend, a family member or a co-worker who has battled the disease. Or maybe you've fought — or are still fighting — that battle yourself.

Athena® wants to help.

Founded by a breast cancer survivor, Athena® was created in 2003 to help fund the battle against women's cancers. Since joining DS Services of America, Inc. in 2010, Athena has become a widely recognized brand with nationwide distribution.

You can help, too. Purchase Athena bottled water to make a difference to the hundreds of thousands of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Whether you pick up convenient single-serve bottles or prefer Athena bottled water delivery to your home or office, you are contributing toward the fight against breast cancer.

Join the fight! Become an Athena water warrior today.

Who is Athena?

Immortalized in Greek mythology, Athena represents breast cancer warriors everywhere. Daughter of Zeus, the ruler of Olympus, Athena was a fearless fighter guided by wisdom and strength. She symbolizes the resilient warrior in all of us who rely on courage and will in the fight against cancer.

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Many of the myths surrounding Athena, a brilliant strategist, involve the sound guidance she offered to the various gods, goddesses and heroes when they went into battle, often facing impossible odds. She reminds us that our battles are less daunting with the assistance of wise friends and family.

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The Goddess of War who famously never lost a battle, Athena cut an impressive and imposing figure with her spear and golden helmet. But it's worth noting that she always looked for a peaceful resolution first, relying on strength of mind and spirit to win her battles.

Working today for a cleaner tomorrow

Athena® knows that being good to the environment can be good for business and our communities. By practicing an approach that is both responsible and resourceful, we've found simple ways over the past decade to bottle water with packaging that has less impact on our environment. Our .5L bottles are among the most lightweight in the industry today. In fact, over the past 10 years we have reduced the amount of plastic in our bottles by more than 50% and in our caps by 25%. Now, add the fact that our packaging is 100% recyclable – from the plastic bottles and caps to the outer wraps* – and you can see why Athena bottled water is doing its part to sustain our environment.

*Recycling programs may not be available in your community.