Athena® bottled water supports the cause 365 days a year. You can sign up for Athena home and office delivery, order Athena by the case or find Athena water in a retail store near you.

Athena® Water at Home or in the Office.

Athena® bottled water is available for home or office delivery almost anywhere in the country. Supporting the cause couldn't be easier. Sign up for home or office delivery and have Athena water delivered every two weeks, or order Athena water by the case. Now you can Drink Pink at home or in the office.

Good for you.
Good for the earth.

Athena® knows that being good to the environment can be good for business and our communities. By practicing an approach that is both responsible and resourceful, we've found simple ways over the past decade to bottle water with packaging that has less impact on our environment. Our .5L bottles are among the most lightweight in the industry today. In fact, over the past 10 years we have reduced the amount of plastic in our bottles by more than 50% and in our caps by 25%. Now, add the fact that our packaging is 100% recyclable – from the plastic bottles and caps to the outer wraps* – and you can see why Athena bottled water is doing its part to sustain our environment.

*Recycling programs may not be available
in your community.

Portable and long-lasting.

Our portable yet long-lasting 1-liter bottle is the ideal desk or gym companion. Sip to stay hydrated without being tempted by the soda machine. Our 1-liter bottles are available for delivery or at select Athena® bottled water retail locations.

Traveling light.

When you're on the go, nothing beats Athena's single-serve water bottles. Perfect for school lunches, exercising or running errands, the half-liter bottles are available at select retail locations. Available for delivery in 24-packs for ultimate convenience, the pink label shows your support for the cause wherever you go.

Water Quality Report

The following report was conducted by a certified lab on the Athena® bottled water quality.